Vacuum Processing Applications

We specialize in Vacuum Process for Food Applications.

Evaporative Cooling with Steam Jet Vacuum Systems

Ejector Vacuum systems are used to cool various food products such as soups, potatoes, juices, sauces, vegetables and other moisture rich products. Typically cooling temperatures range from 240 degrees Fahrenheit to 35 degrees Fahrenheit and can be achieved in 10 to 25 minutes depending on product quantity and Ejector size.

Cooking and Cooling in the Same Vessel

Cooking and cooling can be achieved in the same vessel, whether retort or jacketed kettle, resulting in less process time and handling.

Heat Sensitive Products

In cases where the product is heat sensitive, vacuum is used to maintain a constant temperature during the process to prevent damage and maintain quality. Such applications usually operate at temperatures 80 degrees Fahrenheit and higher.

Typical Three Stage Vacuum System for cooling liquids such as Soups, Sauces, Jellies & Slurries in a Jacketed Kettle . Agitation is required to expose as much product to the vacuum, especially for viscous products.

Typical Three Stage Vacuum System for cooling solid products such as potatoes, Chick Peas & Diced Vegetables in a Retort. Products are placed in baskets or trays on carts.

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Engineering Services

DecTecH reviews the customer's application and provides complete equipment layout with piping, control valves, recommends suppliers for the major components and operational manuals with drawings and sequence of operation. We work closely with the Control and PC suppliers to ensure complete automation of the system.

DecTecH evaluates existing systems and the design of new ones based on maximizing energy conservation. All utilities such as steam and water are reviewed with a strong emphasis on conservation. Let DecTecH do an energy study on your system to determine how it may be improved and made more efficient.

Small to medium sized food processing companies may have a limited engineering staff or maintain no "in house" capability. In response to this need, DecTecH will provide assistance either as a supplementary or primary function. Based on years of experience in innovative solutions to many food and other process applications, complete project management and consulting services will be available towards meeting our client's needs.

Our management and engineering experience assures our clients of cost effective problem solving, scheduling, coordination of project functions and equipment selection to meet their production requirement while working in a team concept with the client's personnel to ensure an effective synergy.

Clients & Equipment

We work with companies that process the following food products: Chick Peas, Potatoes, Vegetables and Sauces. In addition, we work with several manufacturers of quality support equipment of Kettles, Retorts and Ejector Systems